We've bought ourselves a digital camera

It's newer than thisIt's very good and means we now have one piece of equipment-type stuff that does both stills and video. In fact, the jolly thing will take video both onto 1 hour tapes (wee things that are a digital and nice) AND onto the 256Mb card that we bought to hold even more still photo's. I see confusion looming for us all.

Have spent a (tired) Sunday pushing all the buttons and have flicked through the manual. I am a man and I read the manual, sorry to bugger around with everyone's world views :-)

Only trouble I see with the camera is where the bloody hell are we gonna store all this footage - DVD I s'pose.

And how does it hook into my "life online"? The stills I'm gonna have to put up onto Flickr which will mean I am gonna pay the NZ$40/year charge as it's just worth it.

But the videos will be large and just getting them up online is the problem ...


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