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The Action Station Opens In Miramar

When Jack and I saw the signs of movement a few weeks ago in the ex-Wanda Harland shop on Para Street we were very happy bunnies - a movie / comic / animation shop, w00t! And I'm happy to say The Action Station is now open to all following a successful opening yesterday! We popped in briefly today say hi to Dylan Coburn the owner and was welcomed with a grand handshake and a run-down on what he'd love to see. Dylan has worked in the animation industry for sometime and wanted to have a place those like him could come, sit, catch-up on the latest industry news and peruse top notch animation focussed books. Dylan at work in The Action Station (Miramar, NZ) It's definitely going to have a very laid back vibe and, with Dylan having a space to do his work, I can easily see it becoming a great source of inspiration for the kids of Miramar that are thinking of letting all those creative urges fly free - we are the heart of Wellywood ;) Oh, and it's never going to

The Misogyny of New Zealand As Exhibited By Don Brash

Having just read  Don Brash: a turbulent private life ( Stuff, 10th April, 2014 ) I find Don Brash's underlying misogyny (as I read it) very depressing, far more than his cries of, "Oh woe is me, I work too hard [but that's not a bad thing is it, eh eh, wink]" The first statement that made me reel a little was this: She not only bore me two wonderful children ... Maybe that's just language from the 1950s coming through and doesn't mean what I think it does - good little pack horse, did her job well! But this: ... there is an awful lot of adultery going on. And perhaps that is why devout Muslims require women to be covered from head to toe. ... It seems to me that the great majority of human males are programmed to find women sexually attractive, and that programming goes way back in evolutionary time. ... ... there is an extremely powerful biological urge which most men have to learn to control. Really, it's a woman's place to ensure she doe