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Sounds Of Summer

Let the sounds and calmness take you away from your worries of today.

Halo, My (Other) Girlfriend

I miss my mate from Waitārere Beach, she's the best dog ever.

I'm Not Missing A New Zealand Christmas

It took many years before I got used to a hot summer Christmas in Aotearoa New Zealand, in fact there is no defining date as it's sort of crept up on me. That's not to say hot summer Christmas has replaced the Welsh cold winter Christmas, they now live inside my head both paying equal rent.

They Call Him Mr Tripod

As exciting as this stick figure*, Mr Tripod, could possibly be! "TADAAAA!"   * You're welcome 😜

Reflections Of A Life Well Done

Despite the title this is just a photo of rain on a leaf. I do like taking photos of rain, there's something quite cleansing about it.

What Type Of Spider Is This?

It seems very big, and solid, and slightly scary. Sitting on an outside table in Waitārere Beach on the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. Anyone, what is it? (yes I've tried Google Lens and it helpfully told me it was a spider. With a bit of prodding Lens then said maybe a Wolf Spider or perhaps a Jumping Spider, I don't think it's those, or is it?)

Hnry The Bronze Pigeon In Wellington

As part of an " Only In Wellington " advertising campaign there are a bunch of bronze pigeon statues scattered around the city centre representing innovative and kickass companies. As I've just discovered after wondering why today's photo is of a pigeon with a calculator. James and Claire Fuller’s Hnry -inspired pigeon sculpture, by Jonathan Campbell

Outside Looking In

The Welsh Dragon Bar (Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand) is proud to wear it's heart upon it's sleeve as it serves Welsh beer and whisky amongst the display of Welsh flags, rugby shirts, and knick-knacks.

Leave The Doors Uncovered

I wonder if they all talked about leaving the ivy to grow over the garages or when one did they all followed.

Seeing Sound

The 2022 Groove Armada gig was bloody awesome, and yes you DO know a song of their's, this one .

The Window

Digital photograph, enhanced. Google Pixel Pro 7  f/1.9  •  1/2719  •  6.81 mm  •  ISO45 -41.278267,174.770133

No Dogs Pissing

I can't imagine this is an official sign but it certainly gets the message over eh!

4 New Photo Albums: Iceland & Theatre

Here's the following new photo albums up for those that want to have a poke around: Theatre Angela Barnes (Monmouth, 2023) Hancock's Half Hour (Monmouth, 2023) World views Reykjavik (Iceland) Golden Circle, Iceland (2023)

Wellington's Tallest Chimney

With a constant supply of hot air the Majestic Chimney has been the pride of Wellington's BS industry since the early 1990s.

Religious House Transition

Today's daily photo is one showing off the internals of the cool church in the centre Wellington known as St Mary of the Angels. And another showing off the amazing editing skills of my phone and how it can remove all the people from the above photo.

Award Winning "Kahu"

Late 2022 and I'm lucky enough to be in Whanganui's Sargjeant Museum during the  The 2022 Members Show from the New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass ( NZSAG ) as I was stuck looking at this piece and photographing it from all angles. Forward a year and here I am writing this daily photo blog with no idea who it was by, or even where I saw it. Google Lens , what a bloody marvellous bit of tech eh. The piece is called Kahu , it's by Michael Crawford , and it naturally won the top award coz it is STUNNING. So, if anyone is thrashing around for Christmas present ideas for me, here ya go ...

Let It Rain

A dramatic storm burst. When I finally turned and had to drive through it I was forced to stop and let it roll over me as the wipers just couldn't cope.

Austin On Stage

Margaret Austin is a creative force to be reckoned with, published author, poet, dancer, actor, stripper, raconteur , theatre reviewer, and of course the Duchess of Wellington.

A Disney Sky

Something dramatic this way comes.

Tiny Living Organisms Can Interfere With Themselves

Casually reading Do gravitational waves exhibit wave-particle duality? * and during its excellent explanation of waves and how to find them through interference patterns** this pops up: Even stranger realizations came in the 20th century, as we discovered that: Single photons, when you passed them through a double slit one-at-a-time, would still interfere with themselves, producing a pattern consistent with a wave nature. Electrons, known to be particles, exhibited this interference and diffraction pattern as well. Composite particles, and even tiny living organisms, can interfere with themselves as you pass them through a double slit. However, if you measured which slit a photon or electron went through, you wouldn’t get an interference pattern, at all. You will only get one if you don’t make that measurement. What!? There are tiny living organisms that are both  one thing (particles) and another thing (waves). What the!! * the answer, according to Betteridge's law of headlines i

A Star Is Born!

(obviously not a photo I took) From NASA Webb#First Images: Behind the curtain of dust and gas in these “Cosmic Cliffs” are previously hidden baby stars, now uncovered by Webb. We know — this is a show-stopper. Just take a second to admire the Carina Nebula in all its glory:   Webb’s new view gives us a rare peek into stars in their earliest, rapid stages of formation. For an individual star, this period only lasts about 50,000 to 100,000 years. Image Description: The image is divided horizontally by an undulating line between a cloudscape forming a nebula along the bottom portion and a comparatively clear upper portion. Speckled across both portions is a starfield, showing innumerable stars of many sizes. The smallest of these are small, distant, and faint points of light. The largest of these appear larger, closer, brighter, and more fully resolved with 8-point diffraction spikes. The upper portion of the image is blueish, and has wispy translucent cloud-lik

Christmas Saxophone Tree

A dude playing smooth smooth jazz whilst dressed as a tree covered in Christmas lights whilst educating the world to be more environmentally friendly.

Spring Civic Square

"Hey, Wellington, how are ya?" "Not too shabby thanks"

Name The Play

Looking at the photo what is the title of the play / movie being represented by Gladys?

Enter The White Tunnel

And at the end pay with a $2 coin to ascend Durie Hill. It's an eerie experience walkinto into the heart of a hill to catch an elevator up and out the top, but well worth it.

There's No "I" In ...

So, the phrase will now have it there no "I" in Wellington unless you go down to the waterfront and stand in for it. I am all for this Instagramisation of city promotions, coz it's fun and you get a cool photo. And the Wellington one is v cool, and changes colours.

The Rocky Aftermath

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Embassy is an annual treat for everyone that wants to dress up and let loose their inner whatever. The aftermath of the movie interactions from the audience takes some cleaning up though.

Tana Leaps

Slow motion of Tana taking a leap after the stick into the water.

Wellington Takeoff

Departing Wellington Airport in a Sounds Air plane during a moderate southerly.  The coast line looks pretty rough with big waves but the flight was smooth as.

CIRCUIT: An electrician gets into a situation [video]

The joy of YouTube it sometimes pops up a gem like this, enjoy. So, were you someone that: watched from start and all the way to end, or did you quickly zip along to find out the ending?

Australian Sunset

The sun sets over the Indian Ocean west of Broome, and all of Australia fades into the night.

1 New Photo Album: Oxford

A lot of old buildings, hidden pubs, and even a Bridge of Sighs, all held within Oxford (England, UK) .