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"Ah say, ah say, boy!"

Foghorn Leghorn struts his stuff.

Can You See The Kiwi?

All zoo Kiwi Houses have night as day and day as night for the nocturnal bird to wander the undergrowth allowing visitors to possibly see them. As for the colours I can only assume these are lights that we can see but they can't. So, can you see the Kiwi in this photo?

Gene Never Looked Better

Kiss bassist and owner of both a massive tongue and *that* Polaroid collection, Gene Simmons, as a scarecrow. Part of the 2019 Gladstone Musical Scarecrows collection .

Carterton Power

I realise it's adds a little to the cost, but a bit of swirly fancy on the utility building does make me smile.

Wairarapa Sunset

Sunsets are amazing when it happens like this eh.

Toot Toot

I tooted but no response came back ๐Ÿ˜”

Honey Badgers

It's quite the bar, I love it's decadent over the top feel, but I've only ever been in once, and this was it. I wonder why.


This goes out to a very special person as they unfurl themselves and allow the world to see their beauty yet again.

Places I Have Added To Google Maps

It's only a few but each one makes Google Maps better for everyone ... and my shining glory is right at the end of this post :) Sir Colin Meads Statue (Te Kuiti, AoNZ) Remutaka Crossing Lookout (AoNZ) Eastern Walkway (Wellington, AoNZ) Angel Wings Mural (Tauranga, AoNZ) Howell's Place (Monmouth, Wales) Richard Byrd Memorial (Wellington, AoNZ) Karahayit Aglayan Kaya (Turkey) (this is a weird one tbh, but I did legit add it to Google Maps) Petone Memorial Park (Petone, AoNZ) Monmouth Millennium Mosaic (Monmouth, Wales) There's a fair few statues, pieces of art, some toilets, and even a Beach or two but I've never managed to get Worser Bay Beach accepted, grrr.  That'll do for now as we end on my greatest triumph, I was the person that added this to Google Maps, you're welcome. Peach Teat sign (SH1, AoNZ)

Yellow & Pink

One of the Bromeliads.


According to Google Lens this is a  Neoregelia olens . Wikipedia goes on to tell me it,  is a species in the genus Neoregelia. This species is native to Brazil .


Attracting the pollinators with a ' forked tongue ', I know some humans that did that.


Vibrant and full of pink life.


As yellow as you can be.

The True Spirit Of Rugby Union

I'm sure all sports are like this, maybe. On the field using any means legal and necessary to win, off the field it's mates with smiles. Here we see the All Back captain, Kieran Read, and Welsh captain, Alun Wyn Jones, after the third-place playoff in the Rugby World Cup 2019. Some great photos from this game over at World.Rugby

God Rays

Who doesn't love a good session of God Rays?

Moon, Stars, City Lights

Great blue of the sky as well.

There Is A Name For This

The name for this landscape view that has different levels of shadows/greyness of distant hills against hills is ... aaaaah, I keep forgetting!!!

The Malthouse Balcony

On Willis Street there is a balcony. Known by many, loved by some, forgotten by most.  Thank you Rob for honouring the memories.

Raj In The Recording Studio

For 6 years Raj and I shared the stories of Aotearoa New Zealand people that were creating startups, working in tech, and from the media. Access Granted NZ was a labour of love, gave us many adventures, and allowed us to meet so many amazing people. It'll always be a happy memory for me.

Flapping For Luck

The All Blacks need all the luck, and a lot more skill and oomph, this weekend as they take on South Africa one more time.

Being Silly With Facial Hair

tee hee

Always Be Yourself


Turtle Time

Turtles getting out on the log.

Bush Church

Whilst Staglands has plenty of birds and farm animals it also has a few 'bush buildings', which are all originals. There's a jail, a smithy, a general store, all from the early/mid-1800s when pakeha were expanding out into the depleting bush. And of course, the Victorians claimed to be good honest Christians (as they stole land and killed those they had done deals with), so a church is a must.

"No, she didn't, did she?"

Sharing gossip with a Kunekune.

Painted Feathers

The feathers on this gorgeous red masked bird* have the feel of an 18th century painter.  anyone know the name of this bird species?

Peacocks Are Astounding

Like glowing sunsets , dramatic clouds , and people in my life I can not stop myself taking photos of the finest of fancy bird , the Peacock.

"Oi, you, where d'you think you're going?"

"This 'ere be goose land. You just turn around and me and the lads will say no more abaht it"!

Meeting Time

That time when Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of Aotearoa New Zealand, got to meet Mike.