Sunset Bands

Loved the tree highlighted by the setting sun, a better zoom is always my wish.

2012 - What A Year

Skylight Exclusive Fundraiser JRR Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, Autographed by the ‘Cast of the Movie’

Mt Crawford Prison (Miramar) Seen Off

Wales And NZ Connect Again

1 Guess - What Connects These Wellington Locations?

I. Had. A. Holiday

Sunday 28th Oct - Worser Bay School Fair

Going Forward

Finally! You Can Get The T-Shirts In The Finest Miramar Shops

Home = Beautiful

Lest We Forget - TVNZ 7

Simply The Best Product Demo Ever

Solving The BIG Problems Of The World

Love This Monmouth Photo

Spectacular Footage: Train Plowing Through Deep Snow At Arthurs Pass

Welcome To Miramar Hobbit Fans

United Breaks Guitars

Message From The Wellington Police

Genius, Both The Subject And The Presentation

The Gig Was Awesome But Now What?

Miramar Town Centre Improvements

Australian Politicians Make You Proud You're Not From There

Poi E - Patea Maori Club

"Good For Nothing", Perfect For The Roxy

2 To Pop Into Your Diary

Wellington: Absolutely Positively Everything Is Great

Old Taranaki Street

Celebrate The Roxy Cinema's First Birthday On Sunday

Think I've Just Lost Another Blogging Friend

Copyright Math(s)

Meet the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra!

Space Nazis Prepare To Attack Earth In 2018

Oooh oooh eeyyaaaa ....

Tigers, Surely They Won't Really All Die, Will They?

MMP Review, Have Your Say

Goodbye Bush House, A Beautiful Video

Budding Children's Authors, This Is For You

Kiwi Drivers: Two Of The Give Way Rules Are Changing

Arcane - Amazing French Acrobatics

Scheme The Big Things In Life

Everything You Need To Know About Sunday's Summerfest

People Of New Zealand and Australia, Get Out Your Ukes

Help this quilt find its rightful owner!!

Summerfest 2012 poster

FUCK YOU Ticketek New Zealand

The Best Suburb Is, Of Course, Miramar [updated]

Giving Up Smoking And I'm Gonna Need Your Help