Decision made: We're off to the UK

Image hosting by PhotobucketWell, after the months and months of umm'ing and ah'ing Liz and I have decided (on behalf of the whole Riversdale clan) that we're gonna up-sticks one more time and go and live in the UK for a year or so.

The road to this decision was bumpy and certainly not one taken lightly - it is a big deal and definitely for Jack as he's settling down a little here in Christchurch. Factors in getting to where we're at:
  • Jack and Meg are British so starting to appreciate what that might mean is important to me
  • It's an adventure
  • We're gonna upsticks and move back to Wellington for Jack's schooling (just over 2 years time) anyway
  • Christchurch isn't the place for me
  • The job is awesome but I can make something that is equally as exciting happen there and back in Wellington
To be fair we can still argue for and against (here and here) and so we just have to bite the bullet one way or the another - we've decided that the adventure to the UK is the way. And when we come back to Wellington we will then "settle down" - sort of.

Once we return to Wellington (looking at Jan 2008) the plan is then to work and live there with annual jaunts back to the UK (although Liz has said that "annual jaunts" isn't an agreed item on her future list ... negotiation and compromise). How that might happen is pie-in-the-sky and we'll cross that bridge when we have to.

So. We're coming to the UK!

The plan:
  1. Pay for the tickets and leave on Monday 10th July (incl. a 3-day stop over in Singapore)
  2. Stay at Derek and Betty's in Monmouth (Wales)
  3. Attend Rob and Linda's wedding in Stockholm (the catalyst for all this!)
  4. Back to Monmouth and then a week or so later move into our own (house-sitting/renting) house
  5. A week after that I start the new job
... and that's my priority now - a job.

But for now we're just having a few days for it to sink in, smoke the cigar in celebration and then we'll start the logistics.


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