Have you read the National Front home page?

It makes sense to those that want "it" to remain as "it" is/should be - that ain't me, I'm for change almost for changes sake. It also takes a liberty with language and phrases without explanation and to that end I have Wikipedia linked everything I can (and I will complete it over the bext few days)- enjoy:

P.O. Box 151200 New Lynn, Auckland - http://www.nationalfront.org.nz

Welcome to the New Zealand National Front.

New Zealand National Front is an active nationalist political movement based around New Zealand National Front principles of policy.

New Zealand National Front stands for total New Zealand independent national sovereignty.

New Zealand National Front stands for New Zealand self-sufficiency.

New Zealand National Front does not accept that international organisations like the United Nations, the World Bank, or private foreign financial interests know what is best for New Zealand, or have the New Zealand peoples best interest at heart. New Zealand National Front rejects any form of globalist or foreign ownership or control in New Zealand.

New Zealand National Front believes ...

And there ya go

[Updated: 3-April]
Removed most of the text as it was just depressing me after explaining why I did it.
If you want to read it visit: http://www.nationalfront.org.nz


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