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This Is An Interesting Toys

Spotted in the wild at Christchurch's Northlands Shopping Centre in December 2015

Why NOT To Get Off Facebook

I am a loud, active, and bloody pain in the arse advocate of people getting out of Facebook (+ Instagram + WhatsApp + Messenger), this has been clear to many over the past few years. A while ago I was curious why so many still use Facebook when surely they have heard the word from above, the guru online has spoken, and the way is clear. Maybe, just maybe, people get something out of Facebook that I (and many others who are equally as annoying) haven't experienced. So I asked the question (on Twitter, I know but I don't actually have a Facebook account so, well, here we are) What are your 3 worries about deleting your account? The responses seem to fall into four categories: It's where I chat to my friends and family I'll miss out on events I have history on there, especially photos There are groups I belong to that exist nowhere else I also believe there is an underlying one of, "I'm no geek like you Mike and this is my website presence coz we all

Why Is Glass Transparent?

I know as a kid I thought adults knew everything - all adults knew all things, nope. Here's one I have long pondered and had concept what the answer could be, but now I know. "... that's why you can't get a sun tan through glass" ... heck, I didn't even know that.

Clarence Grey

Cropped and done, sometimes arty farty is a doddle Clarence, New Zealand

I Read A Mills And Boon, It Took 2 Hours

And I felt dirty ... in the sense of my mind had shit slopping around in it. Why did I read it, coz I'd never done it before. Never again and neither should anyone else, especially young women. As a new and novel (!) experience I give it 1 out of 10, but for the actual book itself, -104,184 out of 10 and this is for one that appeared in most of the "Best Mills and Boon's Ever" type lists, *sheesh* I made notes as I went and I can't be arsed to give this book more than jottings: Sexist garbage - power hungry man - "He made me" - sure, it's all down to his gift, his money, his options, his allowing it 'to be', him showing her true self. She's a virgin. Of course Crap writing - it was of such a low standard that any teenager, and I do teenagers a disservice, has a greater grasp of how to write a novel Predictable story - from page 1 you know exactly how it's gonna end, and it does. Maybe the plot isn't the point though.

Blue Travels

I always think 'green' when I ponder Aotearoa. In fact my love of 'green' was the catalyst that drew me back from Sydney. And yet it's 'blue' that dominates my time in Wellington. Funny old world eh

Deep In The Bowels Of The Kaitaki

A House Of Horror

Fleeting moments of the nightmare cross the roof top as distant memories of acts unspeakable flit through the mind. Doesn't look that scary when seen in the summer light

The Baddies Wear White

The Roxy Cinema in Miramar is quite some place for celebrating movies. Back in December 2015 there must've been a new Star Wars movie coz out came the baddies in white Stormtrooper guards the wall

This Amount And No More

When my son became camera shy he knew that I would keep snapping away nonetheless and so he allowed me snippets of himself. Turned out to be great photos 


Kids running into each other on the local park in large plastic balls is exactly how I imagined birthday parties when I was young

007 Reaches The End

The final episode in the James Bond movie series as was shown at The Roxy Cinema in 2015. Skyfall ticket

I've Never Watched Star Wars

I've Never Seen Star Wars is: ... a comedy talk show broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Hosted by comedian Marcus Brigstocke, each episode features a celebrity guest trying out experiences that are new to them, but common to many others. The title comes from the show's producer and creator, Bill Dare, having never seen the Star Wars films. Apart from a humorous way to spend 30 minutes I have also taken to noting down those that I realise I haven't done either and could. To that end, seeing as I have never read any pulpy romantic books from Mills and Boon or anyone else, I have just borrowed A Cinderella For the Greek by Julia James from the library. I shall read it over the weekend whilst chomping upon a Pop-Tart , nope I've never had one of those either. Once I'm done I'll let you know they went and give you the scores of my experience out of ten. Oh, and the radio show became a BBC TV series with it's funniest episode being that of Stephen Fry attempting

Wellington Receives It's Stephen Colbert Treatement

If #Wellington doesn't take off now through the power of white bread and crocodile bikes I will be disappointed by Stephen Colbert 😜 However, I suspect Golding's Free Dive will be full of Americans in the summer. Also, there's a  nice moment  from the video highlighted by Eye of the Fish blog.

NOT Impressed

When I was caught taking sideline photos my daughter would sometimes express her feelings about it with quite some force

Stepping Through To Adulthood

My son as he steps through the gateway and I see him, from behind, leaving his child life. So many words - sadness, relief, proud, anticipation, excitement, loss, turbulence. My challenge is to step through with him and not be stuck trying to exist in a world that has echoes of his childhood without substance.

Always Be Yellow

I watched Jodie Whittaker sing Coldplay's Yellow  yesterday as she dedicated her performance to her nephew who died. I have to say it brought a tear to my eyes as the emotion bursts forth from her and his family More of Jodie Whittaker and the released song, which goes on the Got It Covered album in aid of the BBC Children In Need annual charity.

I'm In The Market For A New Home

Either this side of Christmas or by the middle of January 2020 I'm looking to be moving into a new #Wellington home. I would be ever so grateful if you could let me know of anything AND/OR pass this around your friends and work colleagues - the best places come via word of mouth. So, what would be the perfect place? Here's my "must haves" and "would be amazing if it also had" list of items - everything is up for grabs, but "must haves" will take a fair amount of convincing for me to change/drop. Must haves: Long term rent 3 bedrooms, at least 1 sizeable Within 10 mins of a bus stop Not Karori Quiet - either well insulated or away from the party zones Anywhere in Wellington out to Khandallah but no further Fibre Internet access Free car parking Would be fabulous if it had: Dog-friendly Off street parking A view of the sea/harbour, the city, or both An afternoon/evening sun soaked deck A patch of grass to call my own Sociabl

I Found Some Shoes

Back on New Year's Eve 2015 I bought a stack of amazing shoes from New Zealand's finest, Maher . Today I am cleaning out my wardrobe and hidden in the corner was a Maher box, and inside was one of my purchases that had never been opened - the smell of 'new shoe' is still strong. Happy man


Meetings with Anna Guenther are always fun, especially when the location is a tiny wee made-up room Anna at Tory Street Biz Dojo  

My Photos From Across The Ages

Public albums covering everything from #animals, #rugby, and #statues to views of #Miramar, #Hobbiton, and #Mongolia. Daily Arty Farty photo A collection of photos that I post daily, read more at my blog post, " How A Daily Photo Keeps Me Sane " Wellington I have many (many many) more Wellington views New Zealand views Albums of NZ photos from Hobbiton, South Island, top of the North Island, you name it there's a photo in there for you. Life on Earth Animals, plants, insects, and fish - they're all here in their most awesome glory. Creativity round the planet From street art and statues to signs and posters that caught my eye. Views of the world Mostly the UK or Australia but the some wild exotic places hidden amongst them. Events From rugby matches, gigs, school fairs, movies, #WellyTech and many more on the 'Events' page. What can I say, there's something for everyone to like.

The Sheer Majesty of Home Fireworks

Whilst not a fan of banning fireworks I am a big fan of not bothering as the local council-run spectaculars are what we want, not these home 'phutt phut' affairs. Magestical fireworks⸮

Anyone Want These Laptop Covers?

Having a tech cleanup at the house and these deserve a new home - if you want one/them get in touch. Owl laptop cover Tree laptop cover And then there's this, quite something eh - some of those logos I don't even recognise. Tech logo laptop cover

Miramar Houses Waiting

When I'm in the mood I can see something resigned about houses upon hills, like Labrador dogs waiting for their owners to come home and love them. (possibly edited too much this time - didn't quite get what I saw in my mind's eye)

3 Things David Mitchell Knows WIll Make The UK Better

A good man speaks up, well done him. (and he has a book for sale)

Did The Giant Furry Lollipop Help

November 6th, 2015 and the triumphant All Blacks sit on the back of Utes whilst being driven the wrong way down Lambton Quay as many miss their lunch to come and stare at them. SBW queries licking the furry lollipop I was one of those strange human beings.

Gym Colours

It was a fun time taking the girls to gym once a week and the whole place made for some great photos. Of course I have to blur the faces and what better way than with the "Grunge" filter in Snapseed

I ♥ Everything About This Video

Everything about this video is pure gold. The voice, the subject, the words, the colour, the sexism, the look, the clothes, the insistence on comparing "traditional" with "the mechanised" even though both are as mad as each other. As for that scene of a room full of men hammering demonstrating "the traditional skill of hand beating" it is, as I say, pure gold.

Machines To Kill Society

Be it AI armed tiny drones ... ... or the slot machine fever created by the 1960s scientists

Vintage Webstock

You don't see them as much as you used to, the #Webstock laptop bag, and it's rare to get three in a room together. The amount of love, effort, and sheer brain power to put on  Webstock  still makes me shudder somewhat. Bonus point for naming the 2015 venue.

Creativity Amongst The Drab

When creative people are left alone to come up with something it is almost always better than the grey drab scope-driven crap dictated by a "process" Red Peak flag

A Festival Of Lights

This was a gorgeous day at the Wellington Diwali Festival back  in 2015  - pomp, ceremony, fun, food, and festival all in the same place at the same time. What could've been eh.

Wave Goes In, Wave Goes Out

This is what Sundays are meant for, sitting around and watching the world do it's thing understanding that it would do it whether you were watching it or not. Worser Bay Beach

Never Use The Path

Whilst the path saves the dunes, the path destroys your soul. If possible avoid both the path and the dunes by going around - get creative, look wider than the dunes, see where others have not been. But, never use the path. The path less travelled as seen on Worser Bay Beach

Back To The Roxy

October 21st, 2015 - a mere 30 years after Marty McFly started his adventures.   Delorean car outside The Roxy Cinema, Miramar

You're Not Anxious, You're Excited

I have received much wisdom from Jane McGonigal's SuperBetter book, for instance the easiest way to check in with someone using the, " On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your day going? " technique. One other that I use on a regular basis is to change anxiety/nerves for an upcoming event by merely saying, "I am excited". Jane McGonical explains the science behind it thus: It turns out that anxiety and excitement are, physiologically, the exact same emotion. Whether you are anxious about something or excited about it, your body responds in a nearly identical “high arousal” state. Based on mind-body science, Harvard Business School researcher and psychologist Alison Wood Brooks has devised an incredibly simple trick to turn anxiety into excitement .... As soon as you feel your nerves, say I’m excited or Get excited to yourself. Out loud. Say it a few times. I’m excited. Get excited! That’s it—that’s the whole trick. According to Dr. Brooks’s research, this is

A Career In Musicals

Mates were traveling the London Underground back in October 2015 and snapped this photo of 'me' advertising a musical. I'm up for that

Your Bog Roll My Lord

Not Confusing

But I am confused Go both ways

Big Expensive Brains Going Nowhere

I've been asked to attend a number of city council* run workshops over the year's I've been a grey haired fella. Each one has had great intentions, a myriad of agendas, and an attendance by the great and the good of Wellington. Sometimes I have looked around and wondered, "How much would it cost to get this consultation if the attendees charged their normal hourly work rate?" A lot, a massive amount of lot, is usually my internal answer. And yet, nothing has ever come of these events. I have never had any follow up on what happened with the ideas, the viewpoints, the big expensive brains. It's almost always an exercise in, "How to piss off some seemingly important and honoured people". The worst sort of  consultation . A room of brains * central government is almost as bad, but they do tend to provide at least a summary and one following update