I've Been Number-Memed

Flickr: Cheers from Mike and LizThat father-to-be started it by passing it on to a twenty-something year old patriotic kiwi bloke with a self-confessed hint of geek who is striving to find the perfect balance of living, working and studying in Wellington, New Zealand ... or so he says :-)

And I've just realised after following a comment link (where the bloody hell is the Google Alert when you need it) that I was tagged in the meme by previously described twenty-something year old patri... Anywho, apologies to Mr F Ramparts for the delay and here's my meme result.

And if you're any (or all) of the following you've been tagged:
  1. Mike Brown
  2. Shona
  3. Wendy Adams
  4. Llew
  5. Rebecca Cox

BTW: Despite proclaiming to hate memes I seemed to have succumbed to a few: Childhood, Flickr meme mosaic, A meme for me and meme for our town

What was I doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago today ... August 11th, 1998 ... I was ... pissed?
Crickey, have to check the life story (The Hellraiser Years) - yep, definitely having a great time here in Wellington. What day was that in 1998, aha a Tuesday. I'm probably arranging Wednesday drinks at Paris with the gang, going home to try and shake off the fuzzy weekend head after a days work at Department of Corrections as a Senior (!) Analyst Programmer. Something like that.

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world
  1. Pistachio nuts
  2. Pizza (it's a snack, believe me!)
  3. Crisps ("chups")
  4. Chocolate
  5. Roast chicken
Five things I would do if I were a billionaire
  1. Arrange private (but you can come) concerts on the estate
  2. Travel in style ... or have it/them brought to me
  3. Give (some ... a little bit) away
  4. Buy so many toys I'd have to succumb and I buy (some) bloody big houses to keep it all in
  5. Hire a chauffeur, cleaning staff, gentleman's gentleman, live in comedian, masseuse and options on everything else from slaves to hit men
Three of my habits
  1. "Being on that bloody computer again!"
  2. "Only one drink with the lads, you said!"
  3. "I like it when you do tha...aaaaat *sigh*!"
Five jobs that I have had
  1. Paperboy ... sacked for being ill, they're tough in Wales
  2. Programmer ... made redundant for asking honest questions
  3. Contractor ... left to get away from tedium
  4. Senior (I'll have you know) Pre-Sales Technical [something] ... left to come home
  5. Overlord and Ruler of MiramarMike.co.nz ... never leaving

Five places I have lived
  1. Swindon
  2. Sydney
  3. S ... sod it, only two 's' places. Wellington
  4. Friggin' everywhere
  5. ... look I'm bored of this one, let's just move on
Five things to do today
  1. Reply to around 13 people asking me to work for them ... I will, I promise ... reply that is
  2. Attend Jack's first "Student Led Conference" (parent evening)
  3. Tickle Meg
  4. Kiss Liz
  5. Enjoy the fact that I can see snow capped mountains from my home town
Five people I want to get to know more about
Um, er ... bloody hell this is tough. OK, I'm gonna theme it - people in Wellington that I think do some amazing stuff in the area of work I'm interested in BUT are still cool as people and not cyber geeks ... that snappy enough I think
And then there's my family that I always want to know more about
  • Liz, Jack & Meg
People to tag
Christ, been dreading this one ...
  1. Mike Brown
  2. Shona
  3. Wendy Adams
  4. Llew
  5. Rebecca Cox


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