Oil Companies Making Record Profits - Surprised?

I'm not in the least surprised/angered that oil companies are making huuuuuuuuuge profits* ... my "Grab-It-While-We-Can" theory is made up this:
  1. Oil means money
  2. Money equals power in the USA and UK (and many others)
  3. Power equals chance to shag loads, drive fast and snort things
  4. Oil is running out
  5. Oil is only located in a few places
  6. People willing to go to few places to get limited oil can be seated in a small stadium
  7. US election following on from Aussie election means even fewer willing to get into it
  8. People wanting to shag loads, drive fast and snort things need these willing people
  9. Put up prices NOW so that shagging/driving/snorting people hold on to power

* Profits for quarter 2 (3 months!!) include Exxon Mobil, $11.7bn ... Shell, $11.6bn ... Chevron, $6bn ... ConocoPhillips, $5.44bn ... BP, $6.9bn ... Total SA, $7.38bn ... StatoilHydro ASA, $3.7bn ...
Altogether, the profits of the six companies jumped more than 40 per cent in the second quarter to $51.5 billion, the first time big Western oil companies have ever reached that level

Source: TheStar.com

Source: Pat Bagley


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