'What Happens Next' Resource For Parents/Carers And Families/Whanau Of A Young Person With A Mental Illness

An awesome community agency I am proud to have in my history is skylight (http://skylight.org.nz) and I've just had a quick email from their Resource Manager (and general top woman) Tricia:
For your information - please see attached a pdf about a new Skylight support and information handbook now available for parents/carers and families/whanau of a young person with a mental illness. Thank you.

The info about the resource says:
A practical, supportive and informative New Zealand handbook for parents, carers and other family members who are looking after and supporting a teenager or young adult with a serious mental illness.

This is an excellent, much needed resource to give to families/wh¯anau and carers at the earliest instance, so that their journey is better supported and the outcomes for the young person who is unwell are better assisted.

Parents and family members regularly feel not only overwhelmed by their child’s situation and its consequences, but frustrated that information to help them manage whatever comes next is very hard to find. This makes their journey extra difficult.

What Happens Next? has been co-written by two Wellington parents who have supported their young adult children through mental health challenges. Wendy Lyons found her daughter’s illness thrust her, her husband and her family into intense and traumatic times. Suddenly left caring for a child whose condition was high risk, often scary and unpredictable, Wendy couldn’t believe the lack of information available. She linked with a range of other parents and began to gather their experiences and input for a handbook that others could use. Linking up with the experience of Skylight’s Tricia Irving Hendry, and using Skylight’s expertise, this new handbook is now made available to support, encourage and inform others in this unique and demanding situation.

The book is available for purchase on-line or by phoning skylight (0800 299 100)


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