"Mike Recommends" For This Week - HELL PIZZA [Removed]

[Updated: 29th August, 2008] Hmmmm, $7 for delivery from Strathmore to Miramar, that's extortionate  - and so I am removing Hell Pizza from "Mike Recommends"

Mike recommends ...because ...
Hell PizzaHell make pizzas to die for!

And it's not just the coolness of the company (or "cult") but the fact that my favourite has never once been made wrongly - top quality all the time

I am stoked to support local Wellington/NZ businesses that provide excellent products with excellent service. They may or may not have a web presence but they will definitely offer quality, the personal touch and a little extra. No, you cannot ask me to place you on the list ... it's all down to me, sorry. You can, of course, let others know about cool shops and services in the comments.


  1. Hell rocks! Best thing - free delivery on Tuesdays for internet orders.

    Their new website is a big improvement on the old (although a little slow) - can save your favourite orders!

    Brickbat - when I order the chicken tenders, 9 times out of 10 they forget to include the extra garlic mayo I've paid for.


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