EPIC Armageddon - "... a clever way to use beer as an assault weapon."

Luke has uploaded a load of comments he's garnered from people about his new EPIC Armageddon beer - top three for me (not incl. my fave used in the title of this posting):

"@epicbeer broke me. Going home to sleep."

"One more @epicbeer and i'll be drunk enough to buy an iphone."

"just got smacked in the face by an Epic Armageddon."

Oh, just one more ...

"Took some home and just shared it with a mate and my dad. They can't feel their teeth."


  1. just hoping everyone knows, if you want some Epic Armageddon, get to the Malthouse soon as they only have half a keg. The last of it goes on tap on the 4th September for the week of BrewNZ where we are predicting that it will all be consumed.

  2. No, the one in the title was mine! :) http://twitter.com/stuartm/statuses/860718320

  3. I stand corrected Stuart - top comment!


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