Should Child Abuse Be Legal In New Zealand?

No, child abuse should not be legal in New Zealand.

And if I were to write more on the Citizens Initiated Referendum that looks likely to happen through the work of some fundamental Christians I would write no different than Poneke's, Roll on the child-bashing referendum. It will fail. NZ is no longer a nation of child-abusers


  1. Seriously though - did anytning change since? We still hear about children dying in hospitals after being attacked by their parents.

    Whoever was doing it before probably still do it within their house.

    Do we see swift action when a child dies?

  2. My understanding is that child abuse was illegal prior to the anti-smacking act being passed, and child abuse would still be illegal if the act was repealed. There's a big difference between smacking a child on the bum and child abuse - saying that it's the same is belittling the seriousness of child abuse.

  3. I disagree with you Stuart - "smacking" = "hitting" and anyone that hits a child is in the act of child abuse. That's my view and is probaby v unlikely to ever change.

    I agree with you "anonymous" that having a law doesn't stop the behaviour; thist can be said of ALL laws - it's illegal to be pissed as a newt and drive a car, but people still do it.
    However, there is a line drawn in the sand and everyone is aware what is acceptable in the society we live in. Smacking is therefore, unnaceptable.

  4. Fair enough, I respect your opinions, though I think it's a bit extreme to call a smack on the bum child abuse. But yes, anonymous is right in that those that were doing it before are still probably beating their children now. And that's definitely child abuse.

  5. "extreme" ... we'll see what history has to say on how societal values change around this subject. I think it was the norm (ie, non-extreme) to send kids up chimney.


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