Why Have Your Own Blog When You Can Get You Point Across On Somebody Elses

I am impressed by Falafulu Fisi (a Physicist from University of Auckland but now develops numerical & scientific computing software - source) who is becoming one of the major on-line dudes here in New Zealand and yet, seemingly, has no "electronic home" to speak of.

A Google search returns the comments of Falafulu Fisi at a range of sites, from the hugely popular ReadWriteWeb, through Diversity, Stuff (NZ newspaper on-line), Tim O'Reilly and many many more ... (really, check out the search results, but don't bother checking for an image :-)

All with no link back to a website to call his own.

In fact, Falafulu has pointedly stated (on someone else's blog) he will not join any social networking sites.

As this is as far removed from my approach (be on everything) that I am intrigued to see how everyone else thinks this is working. For one thing I am in awe of his commenting ability (both in frequency, depth of thought and range of subjects) - a lesson for me.

And, I can imagine it's a whole lot less hassle having to blog posts, merely join in the conversation as it occurs.


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