A Plug For A Mate's Choir - Songs of Spirit and Struggle

My mate Ruth has an awesome singing voice and is a member of the Wellington Community Choir (no, not my usual musical habit but I'm always keen to expand). As part of their ongoing events she flicked an email:
Wellington Community choir is a huge choir and we do mainly world music(ie not church type choir) with amazing big harmonies. It will be a lively enjoyable event. dates 19th Sept pm and 20th sept afternoon. Concert includes exciting percussion drumming which gets the kids going!!!!
All info on flier. If interested, You can chance luck at door sales or pay me online or cash and i will put name on tickets.

The full details on on their 'Songs of Spirit and Struggle' flyer (.pdf)
  • What: Wellington Cummnity Choir, "Songs of Spirit and Struggle"
  • Cost: $12 or less
  • When: Fri 19th at 7:30pm / Sat 20th at 3:00pm
  • Where: Salvation Army Citadel, 92 Vivian Street [map]


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