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The Great She Elephant Discovers God At A Conference

The title probably takes some explaining, so let's crack into it:
  1. I'd finished all my RSS feeds (zero to read - friggin' amazing!)
  2. As I do now and again, I clicked the 'Discover>>' link to see what Google in all its magnificence recommends me to to read (try it yourself)
  3. I passed over Stephen Franks
  4. I was intrigued enough to have a gander at The Great She Elephant
  5. There I read What if God was one of us?*
  6. And from there I finally ended up on Saasha Celestial-One's web site
  7. That's a person ... Saasha Celestial-One
  8. That's her real name ... Saasha Celestial-One
  9. Saasha Celestial-One
  10. S Celestial-One
  11. Nice eh!


  1. yes, it's my real name! parents were of that generation.

    still, not sure how you ended up on my website?

  2. And I love your name, really, I think it's awesome.
    I ended up through stumbling from here to there via loats of stuff ... ie, I used the Web and surfed :-)


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