5,000 Days, The Life Span Of Teh InterWeb [Updated]

Cracker piece of trivia from Miraz - The next 5,000 days of the web - which really makes you think:
While the Internet has been around for decades, the web is only around 15 years old.

A decade ago anyone suggesting that we’d all have instant access to vast stores of information, or satellite images of the planet, or near real-time photos from an event half a world away, for free, from a device we hold easily in one hand would have been thought a wild dreamer. Today it’s just reality.


And I've just had Kevin Kelly's Technium pop through the Google Reader (my shared items) that has both a difference in WWW accounting practices giving us 6,000 WWW days and nicely links it to the 1 trillion web pages (place pinky finger in mouth and say that with a Dr Evil look) that Google thinks is out there - A Trillion Hours:
The web is pretty big. Researchers at Google won't say how many pages Google indexes, but they recently said that their inspection of the web reveals that it has more than one trillion unique urls. It's difficult to know what to count as a unique page, because as they explain, some sites such as a web calendar page can generate an infinite number of pages if you click on the "next day" link. The very first public web page was created in August, 1991. So we've (the collective YOU) have created 1 trillion pages of content in 6,200 days.



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