David Pauleen's Work-Life Balance Survey


And you can get the survey results if you give them an email address at the end of 5-7 minute survey.
This survey is being conducted as part of a Masters Degree research project being carried out by students enrolled in MMIM552 Research Methods.

The object of the course is to give students practical experience in data gathering and research. You are being invited to participate in order to further the student's education. The questions concern how IT may be affecting the balance between work time and private time.

Your information is confidential and only members of the research team will see your responses. The responses from all students' respondents will be merged into an anonymous data set. No names or identifying characteristics will be recorded. The raw data will be destroyed two years after the project is completed. You can withdraw your data at any time up to 15 Aug 08.

Summarised data will be presented to the lecturer as a report for grading as part of the assessment for this course. You can request a copy of the report. The aggregated results may be published in academic journals, or presented at conferences.

This research is approved by the SIM Human Ethics Committee.
For further information contact Dr David Mason or the School of Information Management.

We appreciate your time in taking part in this survey.
It should take about seven minutes to complete.


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