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Make money and watch your Super 14 team do well

... well, maybe just make money ... actually even that's tricky - BUT, you have the opportunity:

FROM: Tom Kelly,

It's that time of year again.....time to play
Virtual Super 14………

Some cheeky cyber-monkey managed to nick the name VirtualSuper14, no doubt in the hope they could make squillions selling it back to Telecom NZ, but it appears Telecom didn't take the bait, so, this year, if you want to get registered and play Virtual Super 14 then follow the link to:

Most of you have played before, some may not have. Its the same rules as always – predict the winning team and margin for the Super 14 matches each week and the 3 top scores at the end of the season will share the money from the prize pool.

To confirm your entry in this years Virtual Super 14 Comp you will need to email me your Player Name by 10th Feb, PLUS, cough up $20 entry fee which will go into the prize pool for the top punters.

The $20 for the prize pool needs to be paid to me within 2 weeks of kick-off. You can either: (i) give to me direct, (ii) send a cheque to: Thomas Kelly, 22 Kingsway Ave, Sandringham, Auckland, or (iii) pay by internet transfer to: 03 0518 0303735 000 (put your name on the reference so I know who its from, don’t just say “Super14”)

Prize money will be paid at the end of Virtual Super 14 as follows:

1st highest score gets: 1/2 total prize pool

2nd highest score gets: 1/3 total prize pool

3rd highest score gets: 1/6 total prize pool

Theres one main change to the comp I'm running this year. Previously I've been running two comps, 1 work-mates, 1 mate-mates. The quality of the two comps over the years was generally very similar. This year, for various reasons, I've decided to amalgamate the two comps into one Super Comp! The benefit of the restructuring should be a much bigger prize pool (depending on final numbers of confirmed punters), and for purely selfish reasons it should save me a whole lot of admin time.

So, if you’re in – kick off is this Friday so get registered, make your picks for round 1 and email me your Player Name.

I will send around a full list of the confirmed Players in the Comp next week and you can then add their names to the Your Mates section of the website to keep track of your ranking and bragging rights.

Any questions?

And don't forget to make your picks this week by 6pm Friday 10th February


PS. please pass the message on to anyone else you know who might want to play. No ring-ins please - only genuine vouched for punters.