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Life is good but bits can be a pain.

No decision on the UK/Sweden/Christchurch thing yet - we've both put it on the backburner for a few weeks ... can't leave it too late though as tickets don't get cheaper

When I wear a suit (after forgoing it for a month) I must remember that everyone will ask me, "Going for an interview?" or, even more humorously, "How was the interview?" - *sheesh* Oh! And don't wear a suit and have a stubbly face, it confuses people!

Nice to hear that Aucklanders are taking to the public transport ... see, if you invest you get a return!

You watching any of the TVOne Winter Olympic coverage? Liz and I are quite enamoured of the sports and enjoy it when it's on but it's just too damn late. Why didn't they stick on during the evening - we're sure we could survive without Coronation Street for 2 weeks.

The universally accepted view that Kiwi's have a "can do" attitude doesn't always pan out when you're actually in New Zealand. It seems that those in London, on OE's or serving in the NZ Forces somewhere in the world might exhibit but when here it's back to the normal (ie, world-wide) view of mumbling through life without expanding any effort. Sometimes.

Do we really know what well know company's do - what other pies do they have their fingers in apart from what they're famous for. For instance, whilst waiting for my large flat white, takeaway at Brix Cafe I noticed they had a machine (cooler, ice-cream maker or something along those lines) made by Mitsubishi ... not just cars then. And that got me thinking - do you know what your council does? Not what you hear being complained about but the range of activities they do? Here's Christchurch City Councils list of activities which I suspect isn't exhaustive:

Who buys jewelry at the Warehouse? Some guy was today ... man, he must be dumb to think she won't know.

And finally. I had a theory when I first moved to Christchurch that the girls down here were way prettier than those in Wellington (on average) - in fact I might have blogged that thought. On my return to Wellington I was stunned by how may beautiful women there were around. So, it's what you're used to. Oh, and are girls (late teenagers, I assume) boobs bigger than when I was a lad or are they just on show more?


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