Anyone want to come to the Sevens tomorrow? SOLD


Due to a very happy circumstance we have one ticket for the Sevens tomorrow, Saturday (finals day) .

If you want the ticket leave a comment (name, contact details and monetary offer) and we'll get back to you ASAP. Probably best to try and get in before 1pm today as we'll be away to the first day by then.

If you can also get into the Jamaican Netballer spirit of things as well I'm sure the price will reflect your effort accordingly.

The ticket is Platinum Covered, Aisle 28, Row P
Here's the stadium plan for ya, we're on the half way line - this is a tip top seat!

And the happy circumstance - one of our Jamaican Netballing party is pregnant! And as you all know it's a tiring thing growing a baby so one day in full netball costume is an awesome effort and no point be silly about it :-)

Congrats from us to you both Amanda and Tim


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