Life on-line: If you must have MS Office

Think Free: Office Online
Or just want to use/create Microsoft Office documents then check out ThinkFree Office Online

Like everything when living online, you will need to sign-up (it's free) - it'll stop everyone else getting at your documents.

Here's the salient points from the official blurb:
Write, ThinkFree's word processing application, which uses Microsoft Word's .doc file format. Write has most of Word's features, and even retains the user interface that Word users are comfortable with.

Show, a powerful application for creating presentations that is highly compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint. Powerpoint users will feel right at home with Show's robust feature set, which includes graphical tools, dozens of animations and transitions, and of course use of the .ppt file format.

Calc, a spreadsheet editor built for compatibility with Microsoft Excel's .xls format. With the built-in chart wizard, auto-fill support, and 300 computational functions to choose from, Excel users will be creating powerful spreadsheets in no time.

As well as these three robust cross-platform applications, users of ThinkFree Online have access to 30 Mb or more of secure online file storage. They can create and edit documents right in their Web browser, save their documents online, and open them later using any computer connected to the Internet, or open existing .doc, .ppt, or .xls documents on computers not equipped with Microsoft Office. ThinkFree Online delivers the flexibility and freedom to edit documents anytime and anywhere.

Some of ThinkFree Online's other great features include:
  • the ability to save your documents directly to PDF format without any additional software
  • an easy way to post Office documents directly to your blog
  • convenient tools to organize your online storage account

You get 30Mb of online space, the ability to create folders (no 'tagging'?), upload documents you already have and a pretty good Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) 'emulator'.

My only issue is that it's a Java interface and not totally integrated into the browser (using AJAX?), not a major but one but still ....


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