Avian Bird Flu and the UK

Air New Zealand plane in flightCrickey, after not being sure last week I'm in turmoil this week. So it's reached France which is a mere hop skip and a train ride away from the UK and then it's all on. When I say it's all on I mean all of the following will be played out in Liz and my mind:
  • Our children will die before our eyes
  • We will never see home (Wellington) ever again
  • It'll cost a small fortune to get out of the UK as fast as possible
  • We'll never get to go back to the UK until the kids are old enough to have the same worries about their own children (this is the first ever "grandchildren" thought I've ever had!)
  • Our children will die before our eyes
Of course I know all the cerebral arguments which all boil down to, you can't catch it off dead birds and it's not mutated to humans. To which I reply, remember Mad Cows Diseases (they, UK Government, claimed it'd never get to humans) - "they" just don't know. As for the last one all I have to say is, "yet".

I know, I know - it may never happen and it might join the likes of SARS, the Cold War and the Y2K bug.

But I don't want to watch my kids dying before my eyes ... it's a father thing. So you take as many unnecessary precautions as possible and try and smother the world in cottonwool whilst spraying everything with the local brand of "Bug Kill".

And we're not far from making a decision ... almost ready to start looking into the logistics of it all and seeing what our decision could mean.

Then those damn French turkeys caught that flu ...


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