Cuban cigars are so me

Cigar dilemaHaving had a few great mates down from Wellington this weekend I let myself go and got horrendously drunk at The Twisted Hop Friday evening and then lashing of good Merlot on Saturday whilst we all chowed down on BBQ burnt by my fair hands.

One of the side issues though was that I stole a ciggie from Paul on both the Friday and Saturday. And enjoyed it. In fact, as I write I can feel/hear that little voice inside telling me, "It's OK. Just one won't do any harm". Not good, not good at all.

And as I arrived at work this morning there was a rather large Montecristo (Habana) Cuban cigar sitting on the keyboard.

One of my work colleagues, Jane, has returned from an awesome holiday in Cuba and it has to be said that I did ask for the cigar before she left. What else does one demand from work colleagues when they go to Cuba?!?

But now we have a dilema - paragraph 2 + paragraph 3 = decision.
Do I return the cigar (and seem extremely ungrateful) OR do I go for it?


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