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It's another world - let them know, or just giggle

Amusingly enough I bumped into Sir Ian this week at a function in the House of Lords. I felt it only fair to tell him that I had called for his resignation and a lively discussion ensued.

This is a real MP, in the real UK Parliament, talking about real Lords ... "Lords", I mean really, "lords" - so Disney and very cute. No, I shan't be ever voting there if we pop over, it's too much like a comedy show and I just couldn't take it seriously. Love 'em.

By the way, on a totally unrelated track - doesn't Alison Moyet have a just amazing voice? Yep, playing her version of "the best of" and quite happy it's on repeat.

Next they'll be telling me they still have a Queen (of Hearts) and think that the world cares.