British shopping in Aotearoa

Further to my "Best beer in NZ" posting where I mentioned a "a wee place selling British crisps, sweets and the like" to which the owner left a comment saying, "we're called Union Jack's". I also see there's a website for the whole Poplar Street set of 'twendy' shops!

But as a service to all that crave Walkers crisps (CRISPS!!), Custard Creams, Tetley tea or a Sherbert Fountain then pop along to these NZ shops:
If you're in Christchurch then this blog recommends Union Jack's for all your British snack attacks :-)

You can buy almost anything that sends you back to Britain in waves of nostalgia from the manufacturers or the like - just do an interweb search and have your credit card handy!


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