Wellington boys finally show how it's done

Jerry Colins (Super 14, 2006): Blues 19 v Hurricanes 37Second half ... but that's that way we like it, u-huh u-huh!

And, after yet another amazing weekend in Wellington I realise how much it's about the people and the potential ... it's quite infectious.

But mostly it's my mates - Adam, Paul, Pete, Sean, Karen, Kim, Pete, Kath, Just, Emma, Amanda, ... and the newbies (to me), Tim, Dave (ish), Amanda, Rob (ish again :-), Jane, ... and the oldies that I didn't get to catch-up with - Jude, Phil, PP, Llew, John, Rach, Mands (sorry, oops), Ruth (um, again, oops), Chicks, Kerry (how was One Love?) ...

I miss it!

Oh! And having the Drop ("Wandering Eye" - that is just the bomb for me!) or Black Seeds on TV after I've just watched the 'Canes whip Auckland (and here)... with a bottle of wine inside ... I'm strutting and bobbing to it all!


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