Best beer in NZ

Twisted Hop, ChristchurchI think I've made that proclamation somewhere else on the interweb ... and I totally stand by it.

In the newly refurbished and becoming twendy area (in a council approved and sanctioned way) of Poplar Street (location) there stands the Twisted Hop

The Hop is a local brewpub - i.e., it brews it's own beer, something that isn't new in NZ as there are many such places popping up all over Aotearoa. The Hop, however, is the only place that I have drunk at that has both the ambiance and the liquid refreshments of an English pub through some hard work of the two brewers.

I highly recommend you pop along during your Christchurch days and sup a pint and if you mean to make it a regular event (I do, but not quite as regular as 2005) then the Hop Club is something for you to look at

And just down the road there are more twendy shops, in particular a wee place selling British crisps, sweets and the like. And round the corner on the High Street is both the best movie rental place in NZ and the cafe I go to replenish my Wellington soul, C1 Espresso

See, Christchurch isn't all bad if you just look around.


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