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So, the UK and Sweden and choices

Railway fork: day4coffee on FlickrI think we're now coming down to two choices:
  1. UK/Sweden for a month - paid or not, whatever works
  2. Sweden for the wedding, UK for a few years
Liz and I have always said that Jack'll be in school in Wellington which really means whatever we do we'll need to be back in Wellington for June 200... um, er, 200... hang on, 2008.

That gives us 2 years to do stuff here (Christchurch) or there (UK).
After seeing that film a few nights ago though I am definitely of the mind that no matter what decision we come up with we will make it right and it will be the one right for us!Righty-ho, pro's and cons!

UK/Sweden for a month: Pros
  • Time enough to see everyone oop north
  • Can plan for the house now
  • Job available on return
  • I can immersse myself in Christchurch and get to know the cool funky places
  • Only 30 mins from Wellington at any one time
UK/Sweden for a month: Cons
  • Is it really enough time?
  • Might miss out on opportunities
  • Living in Christhcurch for 2 more years
Sweden for the wedding, UK for a few years: Pros
  • Adventure
  • Get to see and be with my mates and family
  • Liz, Jack and Meg get to experience that side of the family
  • Chance to pick up some wicked work experience
  • More money in the pocket
  • Move away from Christchurch
Sweden for the wedding, UK for a few years: Cons
  • Lose the current job
  • Burn bridges?
  • Miss NZ family and friends

Advice, comments, view points?

Photo from day4coffee's Flickr collection