How To Be A Woman

As a man it has been, and continues to be, a source of wonder to see how most women exist in this decreasingly manmade world. The planet is for everyone, the world was grabbed by men. It was into this world 15 years ago my daughter was born. With joy I have been able to stand by her, get to know her, and learn from her, as she has grown into the ongoing change the world is experiencing. I am so full of pride and love for her it can sometimes burst out the eyes ♥️ Happy birthday!

The final podcast

Final show - Guardian Unlimited | Ricky Gervais | Ricky Gervais podcast

Episode 12 February 20 2006
In which Ricky, Steve and Karl discuss...
Coughing up for Karl; Karl talking hyperbolics; pragmatism and romanticism combined; life with the lions; coping strategies post-transmogrification; extracts from the diary of an idiot; the last monkey news.

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It's been a pleasure and I can most definitely see a CD coming out of it all.
AND, Karl Pilkington will move on to bigger and better things with Monkey News books, "I Could Eat A Knob At Night" single, the Diary published and many many more bits of merchandise for us all. But then, after 6 weeks, the buibble wil burst and we'll be asking who the hell is Karl Pilkington.

[Update 21-Feb]
Ok, so I've just downloaded it at home at this might not be the last one ... but they're gonna put it on iTunes and charge for the rest. Fair enough. Not for me but on 'em.