Subway targeting kids

Subway delivery setIf you saw the movie Supersize Me then you'll know one of the key reasons behind taking McDonalds to court over the "bad food" (or whatever the actual legal term is) was that McDonalds were the only one of the fast food corporations that actively and aggressively targeted kids with its advertising strategy. I s'pose the thinking is that kids can't make the connection between "bad food" and later life issues.


I was walking through The Warehouse the other day looking for a set of keys for Jack (short story for another day) and I happened to notice in the toy section that for a few dollars you can buy a Subway plastic toy 'food set'.

If that's not targeting kids then what is.

As for "bad food" at Subway, I'm sure if you (like me and most others) have all the cheese, meats and sauces you're not gonna lose much weight like the dude on TV tells ya.

Wow, I've got my finger on the worldwide pulse - thanks Mandy


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