Painting Photo

This scene has always reminded me of an old, poor, rundown part of a Mediterranean village. Or maybe the backside of Venice.
I suspect it's a multi-million dollar Manly view.

We all looked FABULOUS

The pictures are coming, suffice to say we all looked FABULOUS!

Noteworthy points:
  • Drinking hard and fast early leaves you high and dry later on
    (not us, but the young 'uns ... I will be shouting at the hungover ones tomorrow, ha ha ha - I am evil and take no prisoners)
  • The pink, Mrs Pitt, handbag was my best buy
  • Balloon boobs vibrate from the speakers
  • You squeeze mine, I will squeeze yours
  • People around your core gang are also your best mates
  • Friday is only day one
  • Guys love boobs ... even if they're obviously not real
  • Rugby does and can happen, but who cares
  • Netball type skirts are just the best when it is hot
  • Speights at $5 per plastic bottle is taking the piss, but what are you to do!
  • Walking around the stadium is the best show in the world
  • 85% of people are in 'costume', were you?