How To Be A Woman

As a man it has been, and continues to be, a source of wonder to see how most women exist in this decreasingly manmade world. The planet is for everyone, the world was grabbed by men. It was into this world 15 years ago my daughter was born. With joy I have been able to stand by her, get to know her, and learn from her, as she has grown into the ongoing change the world is experiencing. I am so full of pride and love for her it can sometimes burst out the eyes ♥️ Happy birthday!

Golden divers

London diversOne of the things London taught me was to always look up. And one day, on my way home from another hard day slaving at a computer in the Etam Head Office on Oxford Street (#19 bus to Clapham) I did ... and there they were, above Piccadilly Circus, 3 amazing female golden divers (another photo here)

Here in Christchurch there are some amazing old building facades up above the ground floor shops.

So, when you're wandering the steeets wherever you are remember to look up, you'll always see something of interest.