Anyone tried the Flock browser?

Flock logoWhat the Flock? I know, it's an obvious joke but it had it coming.

Ah, but you want a real answer - Flock - it's another web browser. It's built on the Mozilla platform so basically it's Firefox but it's got some other cool (potentially) stuff built right into it, namely:

  • Flickr integration - upload, show and use (drag-and-drop) pictures in the/your Flickr world
  • Blog this - Blogging built in - I'm using it now to post this page
  • Online bookmarks/favourites - uses or shadows
  • Spell checking built in - for everything from your blog post to filling in any field/form
  • RSS stuff - god knows what but it sounds more than just showing the feeds

It's beta (means not officially launched) so be aware of slowness and odd crashes although it's pretty stable. The one crash I had (or might have been user error) didn't result in me losing any of this blog posting which was automatically saved as Draft, nice - although it's first publishing nearly went to "MiramarMike" instead of "ChCh-Changes", doh - could do with a fair amount of usability work.

I'm not convinced it'll move me away from Firefox which seems to do it all for me using extensions but I will most certainly be keeping an eye on it. Bit worried how the services ( etc) are hard coded in.

Oh, and with all the acquisitions going on it most definitely is starting to feel a bit like the Yahoo! Browser


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