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Weird Christmas Traditions: A Poo'ing Log

Ok, so I've told you all about the weird Welsh tradition of Mari Lwyd, I've experienced the crazyness of Sweden and it's Donald Duck fetish and now, at work, I sit next Anais who's just told me me about the Catalan Christmas poo'ing log - Caga TiĆ³.

Yes, they have a tradition of feeding a log .. a tree log ... a wooden branch ... but with a nice red hat ... and a face ... with a lovely blanket over it to keep it warm ... feeding this log for 2 weeks. Then, on Christmas Day, all the small children beat it with sticks (ironic?) whilst singing a song demanding that it has a poo. Which eventually it does, from underneath the blanket. It poo's out presents (the small "stocking filler" type)

Man alive people are weird.

Great eh!