Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 3, 10 May 2013

From the extremely personable Project Manager, Kevin Murphy

Update from last week’s newsletter
I have been asked why the bus timetable has not been moved to the temporary bus stop on Hobart Street. This is because the timetable is currently fixed to the wall of the tram shelter with special tamper-proof screws that require a special tool to remove them. Greater Wellington Regional Council, which is responsible for bus stop operations, is arranging for the timetable to be shifted.

I understand local residents have been asking town centre retailers for more information about the project. Please let your friends and neighbours know that they can find this information on the Council’s website (go to Wellington.govt.nz/Your Council/Projects/Miramar) or pick up a site plan from the Miramar Library or the Miramar Vet Hospital. If anyone you know has any queries, feel free to tell them to contact me..

I’m pleased to say we have been able to devise an alternative option for the installation of new storm water drainage that means we will not now have to trench across Park Road as previously advised. However, due to a similar possible conflict with trolley bus operations the contractor may still have to do work on a Saturday to reinstate the traffic island across from Sadhana Yoga. This work will take place later in the project and I will give you a fair amount of notice once the contractor has confirmed when this will be.

What’s happened this week
Hawkins Construction has finished setting up the work site and is now installing storm water drains. You will have noticed and possibly heard a water pump running on the Park Road side of the site during working hours. The ground water table is typically high in the low-lying parts of Miramar and this has proved to be the case in the town centre. The pump is keeping excavations free of water so that this work can proceed safely and efficiently.

The contractors have taken out the old kerb and channel along the Miramar Avenue side of the site and have dug a trench for the footings for the new kerb and channel. They have also removed the former footpath surface, which will eventually be replaced by new paving. This explains the presence of the ‘Astroturf’ covering the temporary pedestrian route. Please take care when walking along this edge.

You may also have noticed the work in this area to remove a small pohutukawa tree that is not required as part of the new layout. The tree is being be relocated by the Council’s Parks and Gardens team to Glenside, where it will be replanted in a commemoration garden.

What’s happening next week
It’s basically a case of more of the same. The contractors will continue with the stormwater drainage works and the installation of the new kerb and channel. Depending on receiving the go-ahead from the contractors managing the roll-out of the Government’s ultra fast broadband initiative, trenching for the installation of ducting for fibre-optic cable may also get under way.

Give me a call!
Please feel free to give me a call on the numbers below or email me if you want to query any aspect of the upgrade project.

Kevin Murphy
Project Manager
Wellington City Council
Tel 801 3448 or 021 227 8761.

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