A Lesson In Customer Service

(this article first appeared as a Google+ post on 9th June, 2013)

Last night +Liz Riversdale  and I had a movie date night planned. We'd bought our tickets for "The Great Gatsby" at our local cinema, The Roxy here in Miramar (Wellington, NZ).

I'd let the world know we were sans kids and on our way via all the social networks and, on arrival at their bar, was surprised to be asked if I was Mike Riversdale. "Yes I am", and it transpires I was talking with the Roxy's fantastic Facebook wizard and her partner.

They were ostensibly there to take pictures of those glammed up who would when they go forward to win tickets to The Roxy's grand ball next week. Despite a previous Facebook message Liz and I were never in the running as we were not glamourous by anyone's standards :-)

In we went to watch the film with a packed session filling all around us.

And then out of the gloom and just as the "coming soon"s came to an end someone approached us with the same seat number (middle of row B, there is a reason why we sit there :-) On returning they asked us if we could check our ticket dates.

Oh! We had incorrectly been sold a ticket for another day.

We were being evicted, LOL

Back to the bar, smiles all round as Liz joined the couple again with her wine and I went downstairs to sort it out.

In a nutshell they:
- apologised
- try to get us a seat but only 1 left
- expressed how embarrassing it could have been for us
- gave us a voucher for any 3D film we like
- never made it our problem
- never blamed the system
- never blamed other staff, particularly the person that incorrectly popped the wrong date in
- never blamed external of circumstances ("so busy" etc)

They were the perfect hosts, and I mean all of those that tried to remedy the situation and ensure Liz and I were satisfied patrons.

Thank you.

I will forever hold up that experience to others as the way to resolve issues. Because, hey, we're all human and mistakes happen.

And finally, if you're thinking the Great Gatsby Ball looks fun but expensive, we now know what you get for the money (and who will be your MC for the night) and we are absolutely gutted we're otherwise booked ... maybe we could squeeze in a few hours, no, no, we're booked. Grrr.



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