GCSB - It's YOUR Turn

Every email YOU write (from / to / when)
All of YOUR G+ posts.
Everything YOU search for.
Each website YOU visit.
Any downloads YOU make.
... automatically collected by the NZ Government's and shared with the US, Canadian, UK and Australian spy agencies.

That's what the NZ GCSB Bill means.

YOU OK with that?

The NZ Law Society isn't.
The majority of NZ citizens aren't.
New Zealander of the year Dame Anne Salmond doesn't.

What about YOU?

"I've for nothing to hide so I'm not worried!", did you just think that, if so read this:

"I'll leave it for others to sort out, that Dotcom guy for instance.", if you trust others that much then surely you can at least raise your voice and support them (share this for instance but best still read more).

"It's just the Internet, it's not real life!", OK, so if you can live without the Internet for a week I'll concede that to you. Start now.

1: Add your voice
2: Tell your MP
3: Share this

It's YOUR life, protect it's privacy.


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