Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 2 3 May 2013

I've asked Kevin (the named person on the weekly newsletter - sign-up by emailing miramar@wcc.govt.nz) if he was OK me posting this and future updates on my blog? Then it can be shared to those not quite so e savvy on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter ... he's said nothing yet so I'll take silence = compliance ;)

Project home: http://wellington.govt.nz/your-council/projects/miramar

Update from last week’s newsletter

The temporary bus stop for the numbers 2 and 18 services has been located outside 157 Hobart Street. Apologies for any confusion caused by my reference last week to the no. 24 service also stopping at this location. Go Wellington – the bus company - has confirmed that the stop adjacent the Holy Cross Catholic Church on Miramar Avenue will be the temporary start point for this service.

We have advised taxis to temporarily use the parking bay on Miramar Avenue outside the former Thai restaurant. We will not designate it as a taxi rank but they will be entitled to remain parked there, like any other vehicle, for a maximum of 20 minutes.

We have identified a space on the footpath adjacent the phone box on Miramar Avenue, again outside the former Thai restaurant, for the site for a temporary public toilet. We have requested a special disabled-access model. It will be delivered on site and be open for use on Monday (6 May).

What’s happened this week

Work has proceeded according to schedule. We have removed the traffic island opposite Sadhana Yoga (this will be replaced with a slimmer version later on in the project) and part of the island on Miramar Avenue to allow future right-hand turn access into the new parking area entrance. We have also removed the existing kerb and channel along the western edge of Park Road. This will be renewed. Those of you who have visited in the last day or so will have seen that we have also demolished the public toilet connected to the old tram shelter.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we had intended to dig a trench across Park Road from the Dynamix Gym entrance for a new stormwater connection. This work has been postponed to allow further discussion with utility companies about the nature of the underground services, particularly fibre-optic cables, that lie in the path of the trench. This will not affect the work programme and we will advise you when the work is to be rescheduled. Please note it will still have to be done on a Saturday to avoid interfering with trolley bus operations.

What’s happening next week

The contractor has delayed the closure of the slip road until Monday when the site perimeter fence will be shifted to the front of the verandahs along the Roxy Cinema street frontage. The angled parking will remain available this weekend but will then be off limits until the project has been completed and the new parking area has been established.

We apologise for this temporary inconvenience. As there will be fewer spaces available overall, we also respectfully ask that visitors do not overstay permitted time periods where these apply. We will monitor the situation in case there is a need to increase patrols by our parking wardens.

The perimeter fence will be covered with netting along the footpath side in front of the Roxy Cinema. This is to protect the public using the footpath from any dust generated during the rest of the week as we start construction. We’d like to remind everyone that footpath access will be maintained to all of the businesses on this side.

Other works next week include the installation of ducting across the footpath to the Roxy and the removal of kerb and channel along the Miramar Avenue edge. The footpath at this location will be temporarily shifted but will remain open.


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