Miramar Town Centre Upgrade - Newsletter 9, 25 June 2013

The latest from our man Kev, the WCC Project Manager - later than the late Monday but not as late as it seems as he was 'yesterday' late and not 'today/publish date' late:)

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What happened last week
We were fortunate to escape damage of any significance from Thursday night’s violent southerly storm. The site manager was called out at 11pm because the fencing along Miramar Avenue had blown over, luckily into the site rather than on to the road. This proved a blessing as while he was on site he realised the roof to the bus/tram shelter was lifting and managed to tie it down before it blew off entirely.

The weather in the lead up to, and immediately following, the storm was not good news for the work programme. We were not able to pour any concrete as planned. However, the contractor has rejigged the programme (see What’s happening this week) and is confident we can still complete the project by mid July. The big assumption though is that we will not be affected by any further significant weather delays.

All in-ground stormwater drainage has been completed. The only drainage work still to be finished is the setting of the grates and manhole covers. This will be done when the final surface has been laid.

We did manage to pour the new concrete slab in the bus/tram shelter - as it is under cover. We are now working with the contractor to pull together a work programme for its refurbishment.

What’s happening this week
With the arrival of better weather, concrete pouring has already started and should continue this week. The remainder of the car park entrance ramp will be completed and you will see the car park itself taking shape as four concrete quadrants are laid. These are laid individually, opposing quadrants at a time, to create expansion joints which mitigate against unnecessary cracking of the concrete as it cures and dries out. The boxing that can be seen through the middle of the car park is where we will be laying exposed aggregate to form a decorative feature.

Later in the week we will start breaking up the surface through the remainder of the site to the north to prepare the ground for the new pedestrianised plaza that will also serve as a potential venue site (with room for a marquee).

In a departure from the original programme, we will also start breaking up the stretch of the footpath running north from the Roxy Cinema, which is concrete rather than asphalt. This is so we can begin trenching work in order to lay ducting to receive new ultra-fast broadband fibre optic cable. We are considering whether we will, at the same time, underground the unsightly lighting cables running from the leaning concrete light pole outside the former Thai restaurant. This would enable us to remove the pole altogether.

To do the footpath work we will move the fence inwards and creating a temporary matted surface for pedestrians to walk on. Once again we ask people to take care when using this route.

New public toilet installation
Tracer Construction has started work this week preparing the site next to the Vet Hospital on the corner of Park Road and Miramar Avenue to receive the new public toilet. Allowing time for the concrete to cure properly, this will take two to three weeks as we need to sink four 3-metre deep piles to support the prefabricated unit.

We will also dig a trench across the roundabout intersection to a manhole on Miramar Avenue to connect the sewer for the new toilet. This work is expected to take a week, during which time traffic management will be in operation. I will advise you how we envisage this work will affect traffic movement before it gets under way.

Give me a call
Feel free to give me a call on either of the numbers below or email me if you want to query any aspect of the upgrade project.

Kevin Murphy
Project Manager
Wellington City Council
Tel 801 3448 or 021 227 8761.

And that's it from Kev for this week, what follows is me.

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