Miramar's Original Wonderland

Wonderland, Miramar’s ‘Mecca of Merry Souls’, was a theme park opened in 1907 by Chase Morris Esq, who had purchased many of the amusements from the Christchurch Exhibition. It was located at the north end of Miramar near the present site of Camperdown Studios on the block bordered by Darlington and Camperdown Roads. Wonderland went into liquidation in 1911
source: http://www.miramarpeninsula.org.nz/fileadmin/documents/MiramarBrochure.pdf

This little gem of Miramar's history will be front and centre at the 2013 Worser Bay School Fair on Sunday 10th November (11am-2pm).

For those that want to know what it looked like

More in this G+ photo album ...

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