The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke

Can't remember where I stumbled across "The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke", I suspect it was a G+ post from the Steampunk community. I link the idea (although having Ms Clarke in her underwear all the time is a tad interesting) and I certainly hope that the project takes off.

Here's a snippet from Ken Wallace's About page:

Developed by Writer/Producer Kendrick Wallace, "The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke” is the stylish and exciting story of the exploits of a female British agent living undercover in the United States in the 1920s as a Hollywood actress.

The project is conceived of as an integrated package of materials: at its core it a is a tent-pole feature motion picture. Supporting the feature are a series of 10-15 minute serialized, high-quality webisodes,  a graphic novel and a mobile-platform video game.
more ...

Who is Ken(drick) Wallace:

And so, if this all tickles your fancy then you can follow / friend / circle at all the normal places:

AND, if you really want to get help it actually come to fruition then there is an Indiegogo (crowd funding) campaign coming up very soon where you can donate - go on, I will be.


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