Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 4, 17 May 2013

Hmm, I wonder if the TelstraClear (sic. actually Vodafone) cable news below is why I'm still getting a pretty crap YoUTube service via the TV app.

Project home: http://wellington.govt.nz/your-council/projects/miramar

Update from last week’s newsletter
The bus timetable for the number 2 and 18 services has now been moved to the temporary bus stop on Hobart Street. Greater Wellington Regional Council is making up some larger, more robust signs directing bus users to the location of the temporary bus stop. When these become available, they will be attached to the site fence near the old tram shelter.

Some of you picked up on the disappearance, one day earlier this week, of the temporary public portaloo from outside the former Thai Restaurant. The portaloo was removed in error by the supplier who had incorrectly recorded the termination of the hire period. It was reinstated the following day and will remain in place until the new permanent public toilet has been installed.

In the process of removing the pohutukawa tree last week a Telstraclear cable that was embedded in the roots was damaged. We apologise to Harveys World Travel and any others we may not be aware of for the inconvenience this caused. We had the cable repaired the same day.

We are still finalising arrangements with the ultra fast broadband contractor for the installation of ducting for new fibre-optic cable but are anticipating getting this work under way shortly.

What’s happened this week
Hawkins Construction has completed the portion of the new stormwater drainage installation required for them to be able to lay most of the new kerb and channel along the Park Road edge. The site manager has asked me to thank people for their co-operation in complying with a temporary diversion while the kerb and channel machine was in operation.

New kerb and channel has also been laid along the Miramar Avenue edge.
Other work in this vicinity included the removal of redundant belisha beacons, whose power connections were also made safe.

What’s happening next week
Further work will take place immediately behind the new kerb and channel on Miramar Avenue. This will involve preparation of the surface to receive a layer of sub-base material, on which concrete will be later laid as the foundation for the new paving. Please be alert to possible adjustments to the line of the temporary footpath along this edge as work progresses.

This work will progress towards the centre of the site where the new car park is to be formed.

A second phase of stormwater drainage installation will also get under way in this area.

A reminder
Don’t be put off by the presence of the fencing. All of the businesses along the Roxy Cinema edge of the site are accessible and remain open. Please continue to support them.

Give me a call
Feel free to give me a call on either of the numbers below or email me if you want to query any aspect of the upgrade project.

Kevin Murphy
Project Manager
Wellington City Council
Tel 801 3448 or 021 227 8761.

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