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TWTWTW: That Was The Week That WasMy activity (subscribe) was very light this week with only four sites to choose from. I choose:

Wallpapr is a keyword based cool wallpaper search tool. It's simple to use, just click at "20" button and you will see the magic happening. If you want, type any keyword at input field and the search will be more specific.
Where the images come from?
The images come from various random wallpapers groups on Flickr.

And what about the copyright license of these images?
Take care of yourself, check the licence before using it. I'll put an indicator at each image soon.

I think that says it all.

Another nice example of how Web 2.0 products/services let others discover interesting and fun ways to play with the data held within.

* TWTWTW = That Was The Week That Was. Named after a 1960's British satirical TV programme [BBC | Wikipedia]


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