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13 links to blogging tips

Source (where's there's a stack more) Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers

  1. 10 Most Practical Blogs for Entrepreneurs - No philosophy, theory or personal rants/raves/ramblings here - just practical tips for business owners.
  2. Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog - Tips for increasing the usability of your blog for your users which can lead to new and returning readers.
  3. Big list of blog search engines - a very detailed resource for blog search engines.
  4. Search Engine Submission Tips - an interesting list of techniques and strategies you can use to make your blog appear in relevant search results.
  5. How to Make Money From Your Website - a practical guide that explains the differences between the different advertising systems that you can use on your blog.
  6. 25 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Readers & Search Engines - useful tips that help your blog stand out from the crowd.
  7. Research, Promote And Monetize Your Online Writing: A Blogger’s Guide To Twitter - a great guide by Michael Pick that shows you how to get the best out of Twitter.
  8. 25 Tips for Marketing Your Blog - a detailed list of tips to help bloggers optimize their site for online marketing.
  9. 9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers - Joshua Porter shares interesting lessons he learned in 7 years of blogging.
  10. Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes - Jacob Nielsen writes down a list of the worst things you could do on your blog.
  11. How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer - Leo Babauta shows how to become a freelance blog writer and get rewarded.
  12. How To Prevent Running Out Of Blogging Steam - Did you run out of words? Here is what you can do when you have to face a situation like that.
  13. 13 Tips To Get Your Blog Noticed - a list of short tips to make your blog shine among the others.