2 things to make you smile this weekend

Africa unites for 'Flood Aid' concert in Somalia
Top notch comedy from the ever wonderful NewsBiscuit - sample:
Following the broadcast of harrowing television pictures of flood victims in England, several African countries have joined together to try and raise awareness of the disaster. People from all over Africa united at a massive outdoor concert in Somalia under the ‘Make flood history’ banner.

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Stuff.co.nz: Blog Idol
Ha ha ha ha ... I am so up for this ... but not as MiramarMike or anything like that - see if you can spot me! The blurb:
Do you have what it takes to be Stuff.co.nz’s first Blog Idol?
Do you have an opinion that needs to be heard?

Your quest to become Stuff’s first Blog Idol begins here. It’s simple to enter; all you need to do is write your 1st blog entry of 100 words or less. Pick your topic and start typing.

Impress our judges, including our own Entertainment Editor Chris Schulz and blogger Tommy Ill with your brilliance and you’ll make the Top 10 where you will battle it out to become Stuff.co.nz’s first ever Blog Idol where you will have your own blog on one of New Zealand's leading websites.

Have a cracking weekend - unlikely to be online until laaate Sunday


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