Live Earth was brilliant

We, here at the Riversdale residence, weren't really up with the latest Live Earth happenings and had only taken a slight glance at Morphyoss' programme listing yesterday.

We were not prepared.
However, good things were planned by the universe.

The TV was owned by one person last night - me! Liz was out with her girlie mates and, going on the past extravaganzas, I wasn't expecting her to be back before dawn. Unfortunately, I wasn't really planning on Live Earth - I had DVDs to watch ... which I did!

This morning I had a glorious awaking (no, not that ... necessarily) as the kids slept soundly on, I had time to shower, clothe and even dose my head-cold ridden body up with enough caffeine to open the curtains. SUN! In fact, not a cloud in the sky and thus is stayed all day.

I flicked on the TV to see the rugby score (Aussie win again with a massive comeback) and was pleasantly surprised to see Live Earth still plugging away.

Jack brought himself in and asked what it was all about. I expected a tanty and demands of, "Put on MY tv Daaaaaaad!!", but no. We talked about how the earth was getting a wee bit tired of us doing bad things to it and that it was starting to get a bit annoyed with us (gotta use his language). He was most distressed that his "2 favourite animals were going" (lions and tigers), was impressed that people were trying to help and wanted to "help as well ... how can I Dad". That's my boy!

And we left it on all day. It was turned up when the good bands came on. It was turned down for crap. It supplied an endless supply of, "Oh, I never knew that" moments.

It felt like Christmas Day.

Musical highlights for me - catching the end of Cat Stevens and The Police.
I could smell my 14-year-old bedroom, I could see the sunset in Monmouth and I could hear my Mum asking me if the homework was finished when The Police played songs from Zenyattà Mondatta.

When it was over (for us, at 7pm) Steph, a mate down from Auckland for the girlie night out, declared, "Oh ... I feel quite sad now!". And it was true, it was an end of a great, special, interesting, engaging, different day.

Thanks Live Earth - and we've made the following pledges (almost from the official one - hey, we're doing our bit):
  1. more food stuff into the composter thingy and not down the grinding-up machine
  2. only to buy energy saving squiggly lights from now on
I think we do pretty good ... but if we do those and they become habit then we'll pick 2 more.

Oh, and I'm gonna find a few "short films" that really got the residents chatting ... please hold caller ...


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