Web 1.0 - ahhh, the good ol' days

Yvo Schapp's page, R.I.P. - A tribute to web 1.0 is a cracking look back at the early days of the web - who remembers these:

I had a GeoCities page, in fact ... [checks to see if it's still alive] ... YES, it's still there*!
This, he says proudly and with chest puffed out was my** first 'blog' and attempt at a 'community' - enjoy the fun that is The Forum

There's a lot no longer valid (bio, about etc - all now over here) but it seems the "Weird But True" collection is all there. Excellent, some very funny stuff in amongst it all - I love:
... but trawl the lot, some big smiles in there

I think I might copy it all (Forum and Weird But True) across to this blog ... just for prosperity and all that.

* And why is it all "mikey_boyle" but that's not my name - this is why
** Wasn't just my first attempt of online publishing that lead to finer stuff


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