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Top "fvcking stupid thing to say" this week

UNESCO slams new seven wonders list
To be fair it wasn't UNESCO that came out with the fvcking stupid thing to say ... background leading to key quote:
THE UN body for culture overnight blasted a private initiative that drew nearly 100 million Internet and telephone voters to choose seven "new" wonders of the world.
British actor Ben Kingsley and US actress Hillary Swank hosted a ceremony at Lisbon's Stadium of Light, broadcast in more than 170 countries to an estimated 1.6 billion viewers.

... ready?

"This contest will not detract from the value of the pyramids, which is the only real wonder of the world," Egypt's antiquities supremo Zahi Hawass said. "This competition has no value because it is not the masses who write history."

Cheers and I owe you a beer to Hamish.McEwan and his bookmarking activitites